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I don't want to be companied by wheelchair all my life, even if I can walk only one step.

——Ray Ewry



To many people, Forrest Gump, the Hollywood film remained fresh in their memories, what was not known over a hundred years ago, it really

happened in the history of Olympics. In those days, sports were rather pure and Olympics were elementary. The American, who had suffered from poliomyelitis1, made a myth from wheelchair to Olympic winner stand.

He was tall and good looking, his legs long and strong, not showing a little morbid2 or abnormal state. The reason why he was called "rubber man" was not only his graceful posture which was unfolding and extending in the air, but also he was not struck down by serious illness. After rebounding, he attended 3 Olympics from 1900 to 1908, keeping the record of 8 Olympic gold medals, illustrating the spirit of sports in the best way.

Ray Ewry was born in Lafayette, Indiana, USA on October 14, 1873. He was in poor health at early age and later got poliomyelitis. His legs suffered from muscular atrophy3 bit by bit, unable to support weight of his whole body. After many treatments, he was afflicted4 in the wheelchair all day long. Ewry had such strong consciousness:He can not spend his whole life in the wheelchair and he was not resigned to be a disabled man.

When he was 7, a doctor told him, "You must do physical training to ensure your muscles to stop atrophia, maybe you can stand up. " So he pushed away the wheelchair and crawled with great difficulties. Later, he tried to stand without leaning upon the wheelchair then he tried to walk. Gradually, he attempted to jump. Nobody knew how excited he became the first time when Ray sprang from the ground. Miracle really happened. After a long period of hard training, his muscles of legs not only recovered but also became stronger; at last, he could run and play like other children.

Although his simplistic actions could not be called "physical culture", active movement of his body gave him the second life and made him realize the endless possibilities of human body.

In addition, sports had become one part of Ray Ewry's life. After he entered the university, he became a rugby player and the captain of track and field team.

Rich physical atmosphere was the proud traditions in American cultures. In Purdue University, Ewry not only got degree in engineering, but joined Sigma Nu fratemity5, an activity group for man students, thus beginning to engage in sports and being enrolled as a member in New York Club.

Under the instruction of coach in the club, he decided to devote himself to 3 events:standing long jump, standing high jump and standing triple jump. There were no run-ups in these items. Athletes need to finish the competition by means of instant explosive power andcoordination of lower limbs, waist as well as arms, which had a high requirement for athlete's physical quality.

The second Olympics were held in Paris, France in July, 1900. The 27-year-old Ray Ewry entered the competition for the first time. On July 16, he won three championships in standing long jump, standing high jump and standing triple jump, which caused a sensation6 all over the world. 4 years later, he successfully won the titles of the 3 items in St. Louis Olympics, America in 1904. In 1908, standing triple jump was no longer the match in Olympics, but Ray Ewry won the other two gold medals with absolute superiority. Up to now, he had won 8 Olympic gold medals.

After 1908 Olympics, the 3 items which Ewry were good at were withdrawn from the Olympic competitions. Today people can never see standing long jump, standing high jump nor standing triple jump in the Olympic track and field, which made the achievements by Ray Ewry become records which can never be broken. He made an entire monopoly7 of all the standing jump events in Olympic history, becoming the real King of Standing Jumps. His record of standing long jump was 3.47m. This sports event was officially proposed to be cancelled in all international track and field evens in 1930, so Ewry's record became a number which can never be rewritten. Ray Ewry fully deserved one of the most successful 10 athletes in Olympic history.

In fact, in the first several Olympics, there were a few athletes and the competitive standard was not so high, to be honest, the difficulty to win 8 gold medals was less than that of today. On the other hand, Ray Ewry didn't get so many material benefits from these Olympic champion ships. Outside the competition field, he was a hydraulic8 engineer. The greatest wealth of spirit Ray Ewry left to Olympic sports was not the gold medals he won but the sportsmanship he presented. On September 29, 1937, Ray Ewry passed away at the age of 64. He told people with his actions and experiences that success forever belonged to those who didn't succumb to9 destiny and could defeat himself.





















⑨to succumb to: 屈服于,屈从